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Grace Christian Home for Girls

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Program Description
Grace Christian Home for Girls, LA. The mission of Grace Christian Home is to meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical needs of the girls in its care; and, to help the girls build a foundation of principles that will be their lifelong guide for successful living. The fundamental principle guiding all that we do is our conviction that personal relationship with Christ and spiritual growth is life transforming. Girls come to Grace Christian Home from all over the United States. The girls that come are generally experiencing behavioral problems to an extent that it causes disruption to the family. Some of the girls have had difficult experiences with general rebelliousness, school problems, being out of control in the home, sexual acting out, some drugs or alcohol, etc.
Program Details
Program ID:418
Program Name:Grace Christian Home for Girls
Program Type:Boarding School
Age Ranges:13 - 17
Program State:Louisiana
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