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Havergal College

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Program Description
Havergal College is a pre-eminent Canadian independent school. Noted for its high academic standards and outstanding co- and extra-curricular activities, Havergal provides a stimulating, supportive learning environment for girls from JK to Senior Year. We are seeking innovative, enthusiastic and dedicated leaders to join our faculty in the Upper School and Junior School. Candidates will be up-to-date on current trends, technologically literate and involved in education beyond the classroom. We offer exemplary academic, athletic and arts programs. We are unafraid of challenges, we strive to improve all aspects of our work and we seek to give back to the community. We are supported in our efforts by exceptional girls and young women, by our Old Girls, by staff and by our parents and friends. Together we can and do make a difference.
Program Details
Program ID:427
Program Name:Havergal College
Program Type:Traditional School
Program State:Canada
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