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Marion Military Institute

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Program Description
Since 1842, Marion Military Institute, the nation's oldest military preparatory school and junior college, has achieved a national reputation for preparing young men and women for successful civilian and military careers. This is accomplished by providing the best possible educational program for its students in a conservative, disciplined environment thereby developing their intellectual, physical, moral, social and leadership capabilities.

dents from all over the nation attend Marion Military Institute to establish a strong foundation for future study, and to take advantage of its military training programs. Marion Military Institute is one of only five Military Junior Colleges in the United States, which offer unique military training programs. These programs include the Army's two-year Early Commissioning Program (ECP) and the Service Academy Preparation (SAP) Program. The ECP program is an Army Reserve Officers Training Corps program through which qualified students can earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant after only two years of college. The SAP program is a freshman year of solid academic and physical preparation for students who wish to attend one of the Service Academies (West Point, Air Force Academy, or Naval Academy). Marion Military Institute also offers the first two years of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

On this rural campus, traditions of yesterday combine with technology of today to enable our students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The faculty and staff of Marion Military Institute are committed to intellectual and leadership development that will enable all students to be successful in any endeavor. I encourage you to look carefully at the range of programs offered, talk to our Admissions Counselors, visit our campus, and learn for yourself how MMI has been producing highly educated and disciplined leaders for over 158 years and how we can assist you in reaching your career objectives.

The foundation of Marion Military Institute is its quality academic program, which is designed to instill a love of learning. The curricula of the prep school and the college are based on the assumption that MMI alumni intend to graduate from a senior college or university. A talented and dedicated faculty provides outstanding instruction, and the school's facilities support serious study, exercise, and recreation. The entire faculty and staff assist in preparing cadets for life's work by developing their intellectual, physical, moral, social, and leadership potential.

arion education prepares cadets for civilian or military life. Military training encourages self-discipline, fosters poise and social adaptability, and instills a sense of duty and responsibility. All cadets participate in Army ROTC programs under the direction of experienced, dedicated, and proven leaders.

12 grade cadets enroll in the Junior ROTC program, and college cadets in the Senior ROTC program. All learn and practice citizenship and leadership skills and acquire a professional pride that for many leads to a commission in the United States Army . In addition, a Service Academy Preparation Program prepares cadets for the national service academies.

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Program ID:527
Program Name:Marion Military Institute
Program Type:Military School
Program State:Alabama
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