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Darrow School, Boarding School in New York
Darrow School, NY The curriculum at Darrow is designed to lay down a solid academic foundation, but that is just the beginning. The rewards of learning come from the building of meaningful interests upon such a foundation. Our curriculum is...

Family Foundation School, Boarding School in New York
The Family Foundation School is a coed emotional growth boarding school serving grades 7-12. Our program has three principal parts. First, we are based on the spiritual and moral principles provided by 12-step programs. Although many of our students do...

Gow School, Boarding School in New York
The Gow School in South Wales, New York is an internationally renowned boarding school for young men, grades 7-12 with dyslexia or similar language based learning difficulties. The school is located on 100 acres of woodlands approximately 30 miles...

Maplebrook School, Boarding School in New York
Maplebrook School, NY. Coeducational boarding and day general academic and vocational school; primarily serves underachievers, students with learning disabilities, individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder, and students with low average cognitive...

Masters School, The, Boarding School in New York
The Masters School has redefined coeducation. From grade 6 through grade 8, girls and boys are divided into single-gender classes, recognizing different learning styles and developing each student's academic potential. In Upper School, math continues to...

Oakwood Friends School, Boarding School in New York
Oakwood Friends School seeks to attract students from a wide variety of socioeconomic, geographic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. We welcome applications from those who are eager to grow and learn in a stimulating school community. Applicants are...

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