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Family Foundation School

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Program Description
The Family Foundation School is a coed emotional growth boarding school serving grades 7-12. Our program has three principal parts. First, we are based on the spiritual and moral principles provided by 12-step programs. Although many of our students do not have drug or alcohol problems, we have found that the 12-steps work as a way of addressing many behavioral problems; because they help students accept the responsibility for their own behavior. The spiritual part is very ecumenical and services are led by staff and by clergy from the Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faiths. The second part of our program is to insist that our students achieve at a high level in school and in extra curricular activities. We offer only a college preparatory curriculum. One hundred percent of our graduates attend post-secondary education. Our goal is to increase the students' self-respect. The third part of our program is appropriate group counseling to help students see their problems are not unique.

The five most common reasons parents send their teens to the Family Foundation School are defiant behavior, academic underachievement, lying and other dishonesties, verbal and physical abuse, alcohol/drug use, and sexual promiscuity. We are a longer term program with a minimum stay of eighteen months and an average stay of two years. We accept students who are on some types of psychological medication, but we do not accept students on anti-psychotic medication. It is the goal of the school to get students off their medications. We work with our consulting psychologist and psychiatrist to accomplish this.

Our school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges and registered with the New York State Board of Regents. We offer only a college preparatory curriculum and have electives in art, dance, journalism, and drama. Additionally we offer seven dual credit college classes on campus. We have a wide ranging extra curricular and athletic program.
Program Details
Program ID:1204
Program Name:Family Foundation School
Program Type:Boarding School
Age Ranges:12 - 18
Program State:New York
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