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New Horizons Wilderness Program

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Program Description
New Horizons is a 6-9 week outdoor therapeutic intervention for young women ages 13-18. Our philosophy is based on love, honesty and self-respect, using the power of nature to challenge and inspire. We are not a "boot camp" and do not teach your daughter "survival skills". We believe your daughter has been surviving and our job is to teach her the tools on how to live. Your daughter is on the verge of womanhood. She needs to understand that being a woman doesn't just come with age. A true woman has the ability to empower herself by making healthy and positive choices. While at New Horizons, your daughter will live simply, yet have all she needs to stay healthy and rested. She will have plenty of nutritious food daily, weekly wellness checks, and specialized medical care, if needed. She will sleep in a tent or heated cabin, and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Between adventure trips, your daughter will be able to have hot showers and do her laundry at our Field House.
Program Details
Program ID:1212
Program Name:New Horizons Wilderness Program
Program Type:Therapeutic Program
Program Tuition:11.00
Age Ranges:13 - 18
Program State:Maine
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