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Gould Farm

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Program Description
Gould Farm is a coed residential treatment center located in Monterey, MA. Gould Farm is a compassionate, respectful family environment where people with mental illness learn to build more meaningful lives for themselves. Many people with psychiatric disabilities struggle in frustration on the margins of society. Gould Farm invites them into the heart of our communities. Our services remain rooted in the belief that every person has something valuable to contribute to the community despite mental or emotional limitations. Gould Farm, our homestead program, is located on 600 Monterey acres in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. A core community of staff and their families live on Gould Farm and form an eclectic village that provides psychiatric rehabilitation for Guests. Together we are a diverse community of more than 100 people: farmers, gardeners, cooks, forestry managers, weavers, social workers, musicians, grandparents, parents and children.
Program Details
Program ID:412
Program Name:Gould Farm
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Program State:Massachusetts
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