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Howe Military School

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Program Description
Since 1884 our students have prepared successfully for their college entrance and subsequent careers. Howe employs a “whole person” approach to education. In practical terms that means we regard our curriculum as consisting of every experience a child has from the time she/he wakes up in the morning until bedtime. That allows us to immerse students in a program with academic, spiritual, and physical components.

At Howe Military School you will quickly find a rigorous academic program. Life at Howe is structured but also caring, comprehensive, and involving. We like to say our program takes a young adult “from promise to performance.” By that we mean Howe sees the promise in each young man and woman, provides the structure they need, and works with both parents and students to facilitate success.

Our military program provides a framework allowing the development of character and leadership, such as: socialization, teamwork, self-discipline, and leadership. We do not actively recruit nor train cadets to become soldiers, sailors, or marines. Howe Military School seeks genuine development of our cadet's self-esteem by recognizing the genuine achievement of our cadets through the awarding of medals and awards and regular worship. These traits become the foundation for their success at Howe, in college, and beyond.

The mission of Howe Military School is to prepare young men and women for advanced education while developing the individual character required for success in any endeavor. We accomplish this mission through a three-pronged approach to education: Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical, with the goal of the attainment of a clean mind in a sound body.

The talented faculty and staff of Howe Military School are committed to providing a structured environment in which learning can and does occur; and with the support of parents, alumni, friends, and the dedicated effort of the students themselves, to produce the leaders of the next generation.

Program Details
Program ID:442
Program Name:Howe Military School
Program Type:Military School
Age Ranges:5 - 12
Program State:Indiana
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