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Stoneleigh Burnham School

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Program Description
Stoneleigh-Burnham School is a close-knit, culturally diverse, college preparatory boarding and day school for young women, grades 9-12. We assign top priority to academic achievement; our comprehensive curriculum incorporates innovation within a traditional structure. Students have opportunities to participate in exemplary programs in the visual and performing arts, championship athletics and renowned equestrian training. Deeply committed faculty encourage students individually, challenging them to explore, question and attain their full potential in the world at large. Our warm, caring community supports its members and exemplifies unifying values of honesty, respect, personal responsibility, and service to others. Through their own efforts, students develop the intellectual skills and self-awareness to lead informed and significant lives as adult women. Respect for academics, commitment to community and appreciation of diversity define the Stoneleigh-Burnham graduate.
Program Details
Program ID:943
Program Name:Stoneleigh Burnham School
Program Type:Boarding School
Program State:Massachusetts
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