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Corps of Discovery, LLC

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Program Description
Corps of Discovery provides authentic wilderness adventures for individual youth and adults in Mexico, Peru, and Turkey. Youth are accompanied by two guides and adults by one guide. The one-on-one program design provides and environment free of distracting peers and allows the guides to personalize the challenge level and curriculum to fit the abilities and needs of the participant. Corps of Discovery believes that the young people they work with are inherently good. They emphasize personal responsibility and concern for others, without emphasis on traditional therapy or confronting techniques. Their approach is based on principles of mutual respect and responsible choices, which bring about a more lasting change. The expedition provides personal time in the wilderness without compromising safety or promoting leisure.
Program Details
Program ID:350
Program Name:Corps of Discovery, LLC
Program Type:Wilderness Program
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:11 - 30
Program State:Idaho
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