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Shackleton Schools

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Program Description
Shackleton School is an academically rigorous, expedition-based curriculum that encourages students to explore their potential as leaders. The powerful combination of a challenging immersion experience and our innovative hands-on approach to learning impels our students to take responsibility for their own education and their futures. Our target student is a young man or woman between the ages of 14 and 16 who learns best by experience, and who wants to thrive in a small, supportive community. Shackleton School is particularly suited to the educational needs of students who have struggled in traditional schools, but who demonstrate achievement in other areas of their life, and who have a strong desire to succeed.
Program Details
Program ID:868
Program Name:Shackleton Schools
Program Type:Wilderness Program
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:14 - 18
Program State:Massachusetts
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