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Stonesoup School

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Program Description
Stonesoup School was founded in 1971,and is the oldest alternative school in Florida. It was established to offer a supportive boarding school environment where students could explore their own interests, both academic and non-academic, at their own pace and level. Situated on fifty-two wooded acres, in Crescent City, Florida, Stonesoup School encompasses a beautiful, crystal-clear, 15-acre, spring fed lake. The cabins that we live in have been built over the years through the combined efforts of both staff and students. The school setting is simple and rustic. The alternative learning environment of Stonesoup School allows us to successfully reach learners who may have difficulty with the traditional classroom environment. Students who were at-risk of dropping out of conventional public school have met with great success in our "open-air" classrooms.
Program Details
Program ID:944
Program Name:Stonesoup School
Program Type:Boarding School
Program Tuition:2000.00
Age Ranges:12 - 18
Program State:Florida
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