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Three Springs of Courtland

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Program Description
Adolescents with a history of severe emotional and behavioral issues and/or sexual disorders can find the help they need at Three Springs of Courtland. Three Springs has developed highly individualized program tailored to the intensity and type of behavior being acted out. Courtland treats males ages 12 to 17. Courtland is a secure lockdown facility with counselors awake at all times. Most residents are adjudicated within their particular state and some have failed at other treatment facilities. With Three Springs' reality-based approach - cognitive behavioral techniques -your child will develop the problem solving, coping, self-help and socialization skills necessary to recognize and change destructive thought processes. By identifying and understanding their behaviors, as well as the psychological and situational factors that lead to irrational thinking and unacceptable behaviors, our students are able to modify their actions. Through the positive peer culture demonstrated in their group, your child's newly responsible thinking and behavior patterns will continue to grow. Teamwork, fortitude, self-respect and responsibility to others will enrich your child's life and teach students to address issues in a positive and proactive manner.
Program Details
Program ID:1201
Program Name:Three Springs of Courtland
Program Type:Therapeutic Program
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:13 - 17
Program State:Alabama
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