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The Ranch House, LLC

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Program Description
The Ranch House focuses on essential issues of character, awareness and accountability, ownership and empowerment. The foundation of our program is built upon the understanding that today's adolescents are in dire need of a process that allows them to deal with the increasing conflict and confusion they face every day. They need a process that challenges and acknowledges their physical and mental as well as emotional and spiritual struggles and accomplishments. We facilitate this process.

Within that framework, we also address the issues of education and family. The participants gain awareness and "tools" through a structured program, which incorporates work projects, academics, group and individual counseling, and family guidance and counseling.

We are designed to assist 14-17 year old boys with mild to moderate emotional and behavioral issues, average to above average cognitive abilities in need of preventative measures for the potentiation of at risk behavior. These boys may have a range in diagnoses such as mild to moderate depression, distractibility, learning disabilities, school failure, relational problems and low self-esteem, mild to moderate drug use/experimentation, difficulties in anger management, unresolved issues around divorce, adoption....

Since the participants have essentially "checked-out" of school; we begin to introduce academics through home study. This is an accredited high school diploma program offered by the local community college; this allows them to address school deficits while the predominant focus is placed on the emotional and behavioral concerns. As readiness develops, the participants can then attend the local high school with the continued support and structure of The Ranch House. It is important to note that the local school is small in size ( approx. 300 students) and most classes have a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 students.Educational programs are provided after a period of assessment. Participants can complete their high school education through the local high school, in-house academics or the Adult Learning Center at Central Oregon Community College.
Program Details
Program ID:1213
Program Name:The Ranch House, LLC
Program Type:Wilderness Program
Program Tuition:4000.00
Age Ranges:0 - 0
Program State:Oregon
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