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San Cristobal Ranch Academy

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Program Description
The San Cristobal Ranch Academy is a therapeutic learning center where residents embrace a broad range of opportunities designed to help them make a productive transition into adulthood. Through a combination of ranch, educational, employment, counseling and adventure services we help 18 to 25 year-old men struggling with poor self-esteem, anger, depression, school failure and substance abuse learn to live and work in diverse environments.

The San Cristobal Ranch Academy is a therapeutic learning center with a working horse ranch, a state of the art computer classroom, on-site University of New Mexico classrooms and the Sangre De Cristo Mountain wilderness. More importantly we have a commitment to helping 18 to 25 year-old men acquire diverse skills to further develop their minds, bodies and spirits. Several individuals in this age group struggle with poor self-esteem, anger, depression, lack of self worth, school failure and substance abuse, but they are neglected in therapeutic programs aimed at alleviating these problems. Our program fills the gap by targeting such individuals.

Our program is divided into three four month stages that offer a combination of ranch, educational, employment, wilderness, counseling and cultural activities designed to help students learn responsibility and accountability .Our methods are derived in part from an educational philosophy called Environmental Education. This approach uses the student's daily experiences to stimulate and enhance the educational process. We have added equine therapy, wilderness adventure, ranching, computer and language training, and university course work.

The San Cristobal Ranch Academy is not a boot-camp or a behavior modification program and we do not subscribe to authoritarian or militaristic methods. We are a community that believes each of our residents can develop the honesty, integrity , respect, knowledge, interpersonal and vocational skills needed to achieve direction through a solid work ethic and a desire to always improve. We trust that an enriched environment, guided participation and productive mentorship will encourage our residents to take responsibility and to be accountable for their own lives and relationships.

Program Details
Program ID:1233
Program Name:San Cristobal Ranch Academy
Program Type:Therapeutic Program
Program Tuition:4500.00
Age Ranges:18 - 25
Program State:New Mexico
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