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Lyman Ward Military Academy

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Program Description
Lyman Ward Military Academy is a small school with a small enrollment and a large campus, located in a beautiful rural section of Alabama. Our emphasis is on the individual student. There is a mature adult in each dormitory at all times to help the boys with their individual problems. Each cadet feels that he is a part of the organization. All staff officers know each cadet personally after a few weeks. The school functions smoothly and each cadet takes pride in his uniform and the school he represents.

Lyman Ward Military Academy is primarily a college preparatory school that instills in the students the value of - a good education in preparation for college and for life in general; hard work and self discipline; working together as a team as well as individually.

In accordance with the aim and purpose of the Academy, the importance of study and good study habits is emphasized. Study Hall is required of all students five nights a week for a period of two hours each night. Students can study with each other or they can go to the Library to do research or get assistance from an on-duty teacher. In addition, a Special Study Period is offered after school two days a week for students who need academic assistance.

Lyman Ward's biggest asset is that it is a small school with small classes which allows the teacher to spend more time with individual students as needed.

Lyman Ward Military Academy recognizes physical education as being a vital part of a cadet's broad general education. In addition, every cadet has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate in our sports program. The Academy fields teams in various sports. We offer Varsity and Jr. High Football; Varsity, Jr. Varsity and Jr. High Basketball; Varsity and Jr. High Wrestling; Varsity and Jr. High Soccer.

In the Spring the Academy also has Intramural Softball. Each cadet has the opportunity to participate in this sport which is led by the faculty and military staff. Cadets are divided into teams and compete against each other with the top team from Jr. School and Sr. School receiving a trophy.

Program Details
Program ID:507
Program Name:Lyman Ward Military Academy
Program Type:Military School
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:0 - 0
Program State:Alabama
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