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Millersburg Military Institute

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Program Description
Millersburg Military Institute, founded in 1893 and established as the Military School of Kentucky, is one of the nation's oldest college preparatory military schools (6-12). Military schools have a long and proud tradition in American history and were not designed solely for students planning military careers. Millersburg was among the earlier military schools established in America and in 1893, began educating leaders for both the military and civilian communities. Our founder, Colonel Carl Meade Best understood that the structured lifestyle inherent to military schools would not only benefit those interested in acquiring skills valued in both military and civilian leaders…but also benefit a nation. Since our establishment, we will continue to maintain our promise of "Building Future Leaders....One at a Time."

Millersburg Military Institute is an all-male school that enrolls cadets in grades six through twelve. Students benefit from a comprehensive education that encompasses a strong academic program, leadership opportunities, character development, athletic competition and physical fitness, extracurricular activities, and social interaction with a diverse group of peers. When cadets leave the Institute, they are poised for success. In fact, 98% of Institute graduates are accepted into some of the nation's most competitive colleges and universities.

Millersburg Military Institute seeks to educate and develop students for college entrance, career success and responsible citizenship. Millersburg fosters an intense and individualized learning experience. With a student-teacher ratio of 9:1 and classes averaging just 9 students, personal attention is assured. The school year extends from late August to late May and is divided into two semesters, each having two grading periods.

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Program Name:Millersburg Military Institute
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