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Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

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Program Description
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch, WY We are a licensed Boys Ranch that has been helping wounded youth since 1991. Specializing in helping boys 12-17 years old. Here at Mt Carmel Youth Ranch our 18 month program offers a new beginning for the boy and his family. Because of our small, family oriented approach we give boys individualized attention. We are not an institution, instead we create a warm, family atmosphere that encourages them to open their hearts and minds to the changes they need to make. Our approach is to focus on their free will and to teach them that each choice they make in life has a consequence. This kind of focus prepares them to handle the pressures put on them by society.
Program Details
Program ID:581
Program Name:Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Program Type:Wilderness Program
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:0 - 0
Program State:Wyoming
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