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Outward Bound Voyageur School

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Program Description
Outward Bound Voyageur School, MN. Voyageur lives and breathes our commitment to serving youth. All our courses are designed to inspire a permanent new strength found only deep within a wilderness expedition. It comes from being part of a team, from facing challenge and hardship straight up, and from finding out what it is like to live simply. The goal of our youth courses is to enable you to focus on the often difficult struggle in growing to adulthood, on learning how to be a leader, make decisions and accept the responsibilities of being an adult. Our curriculum is built around this major transition in your life can help transform you.
Program Details
Program ID:687
Program Name:Outward Bound Voyageur School
Program Type:Wilderness Program
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:0 - 0
Program State:Minnesota
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