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Saint John's Military School

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Program Description
St. John's Military School of Salina, Kansas, continues to train young men to harbor the cherished qualities of honesty, loyalty and duty. Our goal is to bring out the best in each cadet, which is evident in our commitment to one-on-one instruction and guidance.

Military Department
The mission of the Military Department is to provide the Corps of Cadets with structure. Their goals include instilling in every cadet the principles of responsibility, loyalty, trust and fellowship. Their Military Advisors provide daily around-the-clock supervision of the cadets.

For those on the military staff, leadership is the cornerstone of life at St. John's. Leadership ability is gained by working hard to develop personal intellect, sound common sense, and the trust and confidence of all who work with you. The military staff genuinely stands ready and willing to assist and strengthen each cadet's efforts in this regard.

St. John's has over 100 years of experience in education, and it shows in the caliber of graduates from the school. Because the cadets attend school away from home and in a communal atmosphere, each young man must learn to live in harmony with his peers. This proves to be a great asset to students, particularly when they enter college.

Another way St. John's prepares cadets for college is by offering a college-preparatory curriculum. To earn the college-prep diploma, cadets must complete 28 units of credit with courses including Trigonometry or Probability, Statistics or Calculus, Computer Science and 2 units of foreign language.

The Religion Program at St. John's can be traced all the way back to the founders of the school. They believed that a solid religious foundation rooted in the moral and ethical teachings of the Judeo-Christian heritage was essential to any sound educational endeavor. Today, St. John's Military School continues in the tradition of its founders by offering regular religious services in the Campus Chapel in addition to providing academic courses that include Morals and Ethics.

Services at St. John's are designed for cadet participation and involvement, rather than simple attendance and observation. Cadets are also given support and guidance to aid them in understanding the role of God in their lives and in the life of the world around them.

Program Details
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Program Name:Saint John's Military School
Program Type:Military School
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Program State:Kansas
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