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A Better Way

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Program Description
A Better Way A therapeutic boarding school. Guiding troubled youth through trubulent times. our philosophy an treatment approach has come about through many years of experience working with adolescents struggling to deal with the challenge fo growing up responsibly.

The Academy's location in Samoa is key to the healing process your child will experience. As we are all acutely aware, life in America can be hectic and confusing. For all that is good about our nation, there are many dynamics that tend to compromise the developmental progress of our youth. If the youth is struggling already, these dynamics only intensify. Removed from an environment and culture that may contribute to the breakdown of values, respect and responsibility, Samoa provides a calming influence like no other location.

The treatment philosophy of ABW is a three tiered approach. The staff at ABW understands that before one can change or learn, one must first experience personal safety. It stands to reason that until one's personal safety is assured there will be no energy for exploring and resolving more cognitive kinds of issues. To this end, a strong behavioral management component has been developed and implemented.

Program Details
Program ID:823
Program Name:A Better Way
Program Type:Therapeutic Program
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:12 - 18
Program State:Nevada
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